Road Trip

When I arrived at school, the sun was lazily rising from the horizon. I had not yet rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. I got on little miss sunshine, our beloved bus; with a knot in my stomach. I always get nervous before a long road trip; vehicles make me feel trapped and anxious. I told myself to breath and relax. My tummy started to relax and I settled in for the long trip a head; our destination the Olympic peninsula in Washington. The bus roared to life and we were on our way.

To be continued….


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Road trip – Sopaulito

Have you ever been to a lake with the water so clear that you can see at least fifty feet under, also Nessie the lochness monster who is crescie’s sister? ..didn’t think so. Have you ridden on a bus for eight hours, dying to get off, knowing that there are only a few hours left til we get up there? Also knowing that there ares taxes and that we hate life? …I didn’t think so.

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road trippin with liz yo

The day  starts early, cold and really excited to get on the road. You wake up knowing it’s gonna be fun and out of the ordinary; a day that only comes every once in a while.  You have been  counting down the days in anticipation.

I get ready, making sure to not forget anything for the  trip that I will remember forever. My last road trip was just last week when I went  to Smith Rock. To me it wasn’t just a simple drive to a huge rock to go climbing, it was something that I never in my life would even consider doing. Last year I would of never guessed I would be going to Central Oregon; going camping, having snakes ‘n animals all around. Climbing huge rocks going up so high that looking down you see nothing but a 3000 ft drop that could kill you . It was just the most amazing thing ever to see that I pushed myself to accomplish it.

Road trips for me is not just a long car ride to sleep on and wait for it to be over. Its something i go and come back appreciating all that i was able to see learn and experience.

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road trip

I have never been on any road trips. The trips I went on were back and fourth from jail and home. When I took my first road trip it was coming to Oregon. The trip wasn’t bad until we got to Oakland, California. When I got there, it seemed like I had been in the car for days, when it was only hours. The only reason why is because my uncle said we still had about 12 hours until we got there. I knew this was going to be a long ride. We talked for several hours about me coming to Oregon trying a different life style. We argued a little but then we smoked a couple of cigarettes and were good. I had all types of thoughts in my head what it would look like, what’s different about it, and are people the same. As we were driving I noticed everything started to turn green and greener. I thought I would be living in the woods based on how many trees I saw. When we got to the Oregon border I was happy because I thought we were close, but no, four hours left. I fell asleep for about 3 hours because I woke up and we were close to Eugene. When I woke I remember my uncle saying, “Welcome to Eugene, son.” I was excited to be getting out of the car. When we got to town Iwas surprised to see a town I thought it was all trees. I thought everything was different: the smell, environment, and it was weird. I finally made it to Oregon.

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ROAD TRIP – Timothy

I haven’t been on many long road trips. Most of the road trips I go on are either to Washington to see family or California once to go to Disney land. But I do go on a lot of short trips either up to the mountains or to the coast to ride quads and four-wheel trucks. The best time I have had so far was when I went with a few friends that I’ve recently met. They are new to Eugene so they don’t know that many places to go four wheeling, so I took them up to a stop we call fisk. It is a mountain that I have gone four wheeling at since I was a child. On our way up there we went by another buddy’s house, and I had them all come up there also. We had a lot of people up there and I really want to do it again.

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Have you ever been in the middle of a desert an hour after getting attacked by leaches, sitting by a short bus that’s overheating and spewing foul smelling green liquid….I didn’t think so. We’d go about 3-4 miles at about that fast just to have to pull over and let it cool off again. Along the Devils Backbone, 300ft cliffs to each side in a short bus that just got done overheating after we’d been attacked by leaches in the middle of the desert….I didn’t think so.

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the bend road trip

It start with me getting in the truck with my mom and my girl friend we had a 3 hour  trip ahead of us. It was very boring at first, but then we got to a cone-like village, aka sisters. We call it cone-like village is because there is trois liker ice cream cone walk across the street causing a big traffic jam. Then it is about a another hour  from  aware turn of point. by that time i got rely excited because we where finely like 10 minutes from being at our campsite. When we got there, we unpacked and we were there for about 5 days.

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